●        Login into Pic Animate Traffic App

●        Click Networks

●        On LinkedIn, click Manage Account.

●        You will need to create an app in order to get App Id and App Secret

●        Go to: https://developer.linkedin.com/

●        Click on “My app”

●        Click on “Create Application"

●        Name your app

●        Fill the form with your correct Information

●        Put Website Url as: https://app.picanimatetraffic.com

●        Click on “ I Agree “

●        Click on Submit button

●        Copy Client ID and paste it on Notepad

●        Copy Client Secret and paste it on Notepad

●        Check all the ticks in “Default Application Permissions”

●        In “O Auth 2.0” Add 2 callback url’s as:  

https://app.picanimatetraffic.com/user/callback/linkedin (This Callback url is used for “Linked In “ main profile)

https://app.picanimatetraffic.com/user/callback/linkedin_companies (This callback url is used for “Linked In Companies “ profile)

●        In “O Auth 1.0” Add 2 callback url’s as:

Default "Accept" Redirect URL: https://app.picanimatetraffic.com/user/callback/linkedin

Default "Cancel" Redirect URL: 


●        Click on “Update”

●        Now go back to PicAnimateTraffic and Paste App ID and App Secret.

●        Click + New

●        Click Continue as " Your Linked In Name "

●        Click OK

●        Now you have your Linked In account linked with Pic Animate Traffic.


For adding LinkedIn Companies:

Note : You must have to create at least 1 Company page for Linkedln

●   Click Networks and go to Linked In Companies

(Do not create new app)  Copy and paste Client ID and Client secret from notepad and click “+ New “if you want to load your “ Linked In Companies ” into Pic Animate Traffic.