Login into Pic Animate Traffic App

●        Click Networks

●        On Tumblr click Manage Accounts

●        You will need to create an app in order to get Consumer key and Consumer Secret.

●          Login to Your Tumblr account.

●          Go to : https://www.tumblr.com/oauth/apps  

●        Click on Register Application

●          Name Your App and fill the details..

●         You don’t have to fill anything in “App Store Url” & 

           “Google Play Store Url” text  boxes.

●          Appliation Website URL:  https://app.picanimatetraffic.com

●         Default Call Back URL: https://app.picanimatetraffic.com/user/callback/tumblr

●        Then Click on Register

●        After Registration , Under Application  " Your Given Name App " , you will find the Consumer Key & Consumer Secret (Click on “Show” to make it Visible)

●        Copy Consumer Key & Consumer Secret  and paste on Notepad ( because you will need again )

●        Now go back to the Pic Animate Traffic and Paste App Consumer Key & Consumer Secret.

●        Click  "+ New" button.

●        It will redirect to Tumblr URL to grant access,  click " Allow"

●          Now you have your Tumblr account linked with PicAnimateTraffic.