Step 1 

Go to your browser and open PAT then login using your credentials and go to the Networks page.

PAT network page.png 

Step 2

Open a new tab and login to your Gmail account and open to access the API Manager. 

Step 3

Click the drop down button right beside the word Project, located on the left upper part of the page, then click the plus (+) to create a new project. 

  • Type your project name, then click Create. 

project name console.png

Step 4

Go to the Credentials and click Create Credentials drop down button, then select OAuth client ID. 

credentials create.png

homepage url.png

Step 5

On the Create client ID page, select Web Application under Application Type.

  • Type a Name (example: myapp1)

  • Under Authorized Redirect URL’s section, add the 3 callbacks URL’s for each network, then click Create and click OK button on the OAuth client page. 





Step 6

Click Create credentials drop down button and this time select API Key and you will then see that your API Key has been generated then click CLOSE button. 

api create.png

Step 7 

On the left part of the page you will see the Library under API Manager. Open Library with a new tab and you will see a list of available API’s from different categories. Click each of the following API’s then Enable them one by one. 

  • Google+ API

  • Blogger API

  • YouTube Data API


Step 8

Go back to the Credentials page and copy the API Key. Under the OAuth 2.0 client IDs section, click the Edit button of your app to view Client ID and client secret information and copy them as well.

api key.png



Step 9

Go to the PicAnimateTraffic website then access each network by clicking Manage Accounts button and supply the information that we copied from the API Manager. Enter the following: 

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • API Key

  • Google Application Name: myapp1

Then Click "+New" button after entering the information of each network. You will be redirected into your Gmail account page that asks for permission to connect. When you’re on that page, just click Accept and a message will prompt when the network is successfully connected.

manage acct.png

pat keys.png

Step 10 

Posting from PAT. Click on "+New" post button located on the left upper part of the page.  

  • You can write something in the text box.

  • Enter the URL you like to share.

  • Select which network by clicking the Select button.

Click the Publish Post button to post.