Go to your browser and open PAT https://app.picanimatetraffic.com

Login using your credentials and go to the "Networks" tab and click "Manage Accounts" button on Twitter. 

PAT network page.png 

●        Next to Twitter, click on "Manage Accounts".

manage acct.png

Step 2

Login to Twitter website - https://twitter.com/ using your credentials and open a Twitter app page - https://apps.twitter.com/ and click "Create New App" button. 

create new app.png

Step 3

You are now on "Create an application" page. Enter the information accordingly;

Tick the Developer Agreement box, then click Create your Twitter application button.


Step 4

On this page you just need to click on "Authorize app" button to authorize the app to use your account. 

auth app.png

Step 5

This page shows that your application has been created and you can now go to the keys and Access Tokens tab to view API Key and API Secret.

keys and access tokens.png

Step 6

On the Application Management page, copy both API Key and API Secret and paste the information on the Pic Animate Traffic website and click the "+New" button.  


PAT keys.png

After clicking "+New" button the page will show that your account has been added

acct added.png

Step 7

Posting from PAT. Click on "+New" post button located on the left upper part of the page.  

  • You can write something in the text box.

  • Enter the URL you like to share.

  • Select which network by clicking the Select button.

Click the "Publish Post" button to post.