Go to your browser and open https://app.picanimatetraffic.com

Login using your credentials and go to the Networks page and click Manage Accounts button on Dailymotion.

manage account.png

Step 2

Login with your Dailymotion account www.dailymotion.com and access the developer page http://www.dailymotion.com/profile/developer then click Create a new API Key button.

create api.png

Step 3

Type the following information on the Create New API Key page, upload a sample logo, type the Captcha code then click Create API Key button.

create new api.png

Step 4

Go to "API Keys" page, copy both API Key and API Secret and paste them to PicAnimateTraffic and click "+New" button to connect.  

api keys.png

pat keys.png

Step 5

The next page shows that Dailymotion app is requesting permission and all you have to do here is to click the Accept button. 


This page shows that Dailymotion is connected.


Step 6

Posting from PAT. Click on the "+New" post button located on the left upper part of the page.  

  • You can write something in the text box.

  • Enter the URL you like to share.

  • Select which network by clicking the Select button.

Click the Publish Post button to post.