Go to your browser and open PAT https://app.picanimatetraffic.com

Login using your credentials and go to the Networks page and click "Manage Accounts" button on Wordpress then click "New Account" button. 

manage acct.png

new acct.png

Step 2

Download the Wordpress plugin from your Amember area. (This plugin will not work on wordpress.com. It will work on your own website where WordPress is installed)

Step 3
Go to your Wordpress site, Click Plugins tab, then the Click "Upload Plugin" button and locate the file from your local drive and click "Open" button. 

upload plugin.png

Step 4: Once you’re done locating the file, click Install Now button and click Activate Plugin button once done installing. 

install now.png

Step 4

Find and click the PicAnimateTraffic button located on the left bottom part of the page and copy the Api Key information as this is the Key that you will be using for Pic Animate Traffic. 


Step 5

Go back to the Pic Animate Traffic website and enter the following information:

  • Website Name: Your website name

  • Website Address: Your website address

  • The Api Key that you copied from your Wordpress site. 

Then click Add Account button.


You will then see that the account has been linked.


Step 6

Posting from Pic Animate Traffic. Click on "+New" post button located on the left upper part of the page.  

  • You can write something in the text box.

  • Enter the URL you like to share.

  • Select which network by clicking the Select button.

Click the Publish Post button to post