1. When you start a new project or edit a project on top left corner click ADD NEW CHARACTER.

2. At this point you can filter the character by male or female to narrow down your search and pick your desired character.

3. Hover mouse on the desired character and click the cloud icon to download it.

4. You can download multiple characters at the same time. So download as many characters as you want to use on your projects.

5. Once the characters are downloaded hover mouse on the character to activate use option. Click USE THIS HERO to add this character to your project.

6.  Added character/s will show up on the left below the Storyxy icon. Click ADD NEW CHARACTER again to add another character and follow the same process to add. Same way add the number of characters can be used in this background video. The number of characters can be used for this background will show next to the ADD NEW CHARACTER button. Example: 1 of 2 used.