If you are a SalesVideoCreator Club Subscriber, you will have some downloadable templates and resourchese i.e. Video Overlays, Music tracks and Video Backgrounds

Here is how you can download your Video Overlays, Music tracks and Video Backgrounds: 

1. On your Explaindio Membership area here or in this URL: https://account.explaindio.com under your Active Resources click on Click Here to Access SalesVideoCreator Club to go to SalesVideoCreator Club Content page.  

2. On your SalesVideoCreator Club Content page, Click the individual Set buttons below Download Video Overlays to download the Video Overlay Sets beginning from Set 1. Scroll down and you will find up-to Set 90

3. On Next, below the sets click the large red button to Download 400 Music Tracks.

4. Below that you will find your Video Background Sets. Click the buttons for Download Video Backgrounds Set 1 to 9.


You will also have some templates which will be automatically loaded inside your SalesVideoCreator Software i.e. Kinetic Animation Templates.

Here is how you can find your Kinetic Animation Templates:

1. Create a project with Kinetic Animation.

2. Click Sign In and login with your Explaindio Member Account Username & Password. (This would be the same Username and Password you use to login to your Explaindio Membership Area here: https://account.explaindio.com)

3. Once you are logged in, you will find your SalesVideoCreator Club Kinetic Animation Templates are waiting for you. 

Note: In case you can't find all the templates, simply restart the software and next time you will find all of your Club Kinetic Animation Templates.