You are a PRO user and uploaded a script file in .txt format but when you click Create, your file is taking forever to process.

Here are 2 primary things to check:

1. First make sure you are correctly connected to Internet. You may reboot your router/modem and confirm you have good connectivity.

2. Make sure you've added a cloud storage i.e. DropBox, Google Drive or S3 and selected one of those cloud storage. Not the local storage. 

If your Internet is fine, and you are using a cloud storage there could be following 2 possible reasons behind this:

1. You have unnecessary special characters in your script file.

2. You are trying to upload a very large script.


1. First step, go back to your Dashboard and delete the stuck file. This is not going to finish anyway.

2. Open the .txt script file you were trying to upload. Check if you have unnecessary special characters and unnecessary punctuation marks in the script. For best practice, check the script in word and then past on a new notepad once again. Then create a new .txt file using the revised script.

Here are few examples which you need to check and remove from your script.

Remove any unnecessary hyphens (-) before lines or within the lines.

Remove any unnecessary commas (.) and dots (.) before, within or at the end of the line.

Remove inverted commas ("" or ''), backslash (\), slash (/), colons (:) semicolons (;), star (*), hash or pound sign (#) etc. 

You need to remove any fancy formatting you might have used to beautify your scripts. Please remember, NewscasterVocalizer is a text to speech app, it doesn't recognize those fancy formatting, rather it will count them as special codes which are not permitted.

When done, make sure you read your script before uploading check if it looks like a draft without any fancy formatting.

3. If your script is good and doesn't have the issue described in number 2, that means you've been trying to upload a very large script

In such case, divide your script into chapters with few thousand words and not many thousands. Create individual .txt files with those chapters. Then upload those individual chapters to create speech files for those chapters. 

Here is why: 

Though NewscasterVocalizer PRO doesn't have a limit but the cloud storage does due to FUP (Fair Usage Policy) which is why, uploading such a big file via API access may fail or get rejected by the cloud storage platforms.