There are 3 Drawn Emotional Characters packages:

250 Drawn Emotional Characters

500 Drawn Emotional Characters

1700 Drawn Emotional Characters

Drawn Emotional Characters are cloud based and the contents area delivered inside your Doodleoze Software Libraries when you validate your Doodleoze API

Here is how you can find your Drawn Emotional Characters:

1. When you create a project, or edit your existing project, add new scene.

2. Click on Add Doodle on your Open Canvas.

3. On the left hand side you will find the Sketch Folder Names. Click the folder names and the sketch images will display on the right hand side. 

The Drawn Emotional Characters folders will be named in this format Character Set <Some Numbers> 

Note: If you see any folder contains "FE" at the end of the folder name, that means this folder was already included with your standard purchase. So, your Club contents are among the rest of the folders which doesn't contain "FE" at the end.