The easiest way to find your sign-up email ID/Username is by simply searching in your Inbox. Here are the steps:

1. Login to your email and use this keyword to search emails: "Explaindio Admin"

2. Look for an email which says Membership Information in the subject:

If you are a new user you'd find it right-away. But if you are one of our existing members, you may find multiple emails with license info updates etc. Go to the end of the list and find out the email with Explaindio Account: Membership Information in the subject.

Here is how it should look when you open the email:

Bravo! If you found it in your inbox, you already know that's your sign-up email. 

Very Important Notes:

1. Always use your own email for access which you have direct access and you are able to manage it.

2. Never use a forwarding only email ID for your access.

3. Never let the emails from this email sender to go to Spam or Junk Email. If you ever find an email from this sender in Spam or Junk Email make sure you immediately white-list our sender