If you are visiting your VSLmaker Web App Login URL app.vslmaker.com from a device with smaller screen instead of your login page you may get an error saying "Your resolution is too small Your resolution needs to be at least 1240px wide to get into application". You may also encounter this if you are on laptop/notebook with a very small screen.

VSLmaker is optimized for Desktop Screens. So, it is always recommended to use a regular size desktop screen. 

However, if you are on a smaller screen and encountered this error, here is how you can bypass this and still use your VSLmaker account on a smaller screen:

Zoom Out by pressing Ctrl + - or use zoom out option from browser settings.

Try zoom out more than once if the error is still showing up. Once the App will find it's optimum screen resolution on your browser your login page will show up.

Here is the Key Combination on a regular Laptop Keyboard.

Note: If you've zoomed out too much you can zoom in a bit by press and holding Ctrl and + key.