We have following upgrades for Vidicious at this moment:

1. Vidicious Profit Club

Gives you 130 additional animation templates, 400 additional music tracks. *

2. Vidicious Gold Pack:

Gives you 40 additional animation templates and 200 additional music tracks.

3. Vidicious Platinum Pack:

Gives you 80 additional animation templates and 400 additional music tracks.

4. Vidicious Agency:

Unlocks Full HD (1080p) up-to 4K rendering and 5 additional license keys for Vidicious to install the software on additional 5 computers.

The maximum number of available Animation Templates are 180 at this moment which completes with Standard + Club. So, if you buy a club subscription, you don't need to buy the template packs. However, we may add more animations in future which may unlock with Club or any other upgrade packages *