If you had only the Speechdio Standard Monthly or Yearly Subscription before and you've recently Upgraded to Speechdio PRO you'd need to re-login your account to allow the PRO features to be identified by your browsers. 

In such a case, please make sure you have logout your account from all of your browsers. Then login again. 

If still you can't find the PRO features, clear cache, delete cookies of your browser and login again. You may also try on a different web browser.

Note: If you are an existing PRO user but suddenly don't find the PRO features anymore in your account, kindly make sure you have an active PRO subscription. If your PRO has been expired already consider re-subscribing to PRO from our sales page here: http://speechdio.com/pro/

Or, contact our support team by emailing at support@explaindio.com or raising a support ticket on our support desk here: support.explaindio.com