If you upgrade to VSLmaker Agency, you will have the ability to add up-to 5 sub accounts for both your desktop app and the web app. For creating Sub Accounts for your Desktop App, please follow this tutorial video:  How To Add Sub User Under Agency Account

However, to create Sub Accounts for your Web App, please follow the following steps:

1. To create Sub-accounts for your VSLmaker Web App under your Agency Account, login to your VSLmaker Web App here: https://app.vslmaker.com

2. From Dashboard, go to My Profile.

3. Scroll down and go to SUBACCOUNTS.

4. Click Add New.

5. Enter a Sub-Account User name. Enter a Sub Account Password. Re-type the Sub-Account Password to Confirm Password. And, click Save.

Note: A sub account username should be alphanumeric characters only without any spaces or special characters in it.

5. Now your Sub-Account user can login to the VSLmaker web app using this User name and the password you entered for them. You can use the pen tool next to the sub account username to change/reset password for your sub account user. And, use the Wastebin icon to delete a Sub Account user.

Note: Sub Account Users will login to the Web App visiting the same Web App URL: app.vslmaker.com