After you install Motioney when you run it for the first time, it downloads parts of the application and updates from our server. Motioney need to download this update in order to complete the installation and run the app. 

This download happens in the backend in chunks as it's a large file which might take time to download but you may also need to use your computer for other works. This is why some Antivirus may give a false positive warning and block this backend download process. 

1. So on first run if you see an error saying "The launcher tried to receive information about the latest version, but it's temporarily unavailable....." Click OK.

2. Turn off your antivirus software. Then close the app and open Motioney once again.

Once antivirus is turned off it will give you an option to download the application. Click Download application which will start the download process.

You can turn your antivirus back on once the download is completed and you ran the app already. 

However, if you may still get a warning from antivirus but it will be resolved by your antivirus soon as your antivirus will scan and mark it as clean. This may happen because, Motioney is a brand new app. Some of the antivirus software may not have it in their database. Which is why it may not recognize the software yet.

But if you still keep getting a false positive warning from your antivirus, simply whitelist the software in your Antivirus software.

Having said that, if you have this following error message even after turning off Antivirus, either the Antivirus wasn't correctly turned off. Or, your antivirus is still blocking the connection even after you disabled the shield. (Please note this is a rare case scenario. Usually antivirus software has one click enable/disable feature which works perfectly fine.)

In such case, you may contact your Antivirus company support for guidelines on how to correctly stop the antivirus or how to whitelist the software in their antivirus. Or, as a last stand you can uninstall the antivirus, complete Motioney and reinstall your antivirus. Again, if your antivirus is still giving false positive warning, kindly make sure you whitelisted Motioney in the antivirus or contact their support.