We have fixed the bonus pack issues and repacked them and renamed them according to their import category.

Note: Bonuses provided by your affiliate might create an error while you import as they are not packed according to the import format.

So, here is what you have to do.

1. Make sure that you have Explaindio version 1.007 or above installed.

2. Re-Download all the bonuses files again (as we have repacked them).

For MAC User: When you download the bonus files through Safari, it will unzip your files automatically. So, you have to zip the downloaded folder again OR try downloading it through Chrome or another browser to avoid unzipping.

3. Run the Explaindio main software and click on "Import" icon on the top.

4. In the bonus file name, we have a suffix describing import library name for member's ease. So, click on "browse" option accordingly and click on "Start Import". I have attached the screenshot below for your convenience.

NOTE: Ignore the error for HTML, TXT or for any PDF file.