You must have some virus scanning software that "thinks" Explaindio Video Creator (EVC) is an infected software and is giving you a warning.  If this happens, you can safely ignore the warning.

The reason you are getting a warning is that EVC is encoded to protect from being pirated.  Some viruses are encoded in a similar way, so virus detection software may "think" EVC has a virus.

EVC is clean of any viruses – it has been activated on over 5,000 PCs and not one single virus report has been received.

The only information EVC tracks on our servers is on which PCs did you activate it.  This helps prevent dishonest people from either selling the software or violating their licensing.

You can simply add our software in your safe list or temporarily pause your antivirus and download our software.

If you are using Norton Antivirus, please read this post.