When you Upgrade to ScriptVocalizer Agency you will have the ability to further enhance and fine tune your voice-overs by applying more realistic effects. We call it the Advanced Fine Grain Customization Mode

You will find these Advanced Fine Grain Customization tools when you create a file above your Text area. 

1. Break: By adding break you can add a pause in the speech.

Click or move your cursor where you want to add a break. Click the type of break you want to add. 

2. Add Breath: Add Breath adds a breath effect of the voice-over which makes the speech even further realistic.

3. Speak Slightly Softer: This will soften the voice which adds variation in the speech. 

4. Whisper: This will make the voice-over whispering while saying the selected phrases. 

5. Emphasis: This adds an emphasis on the selected word/phrases in the speech. Out of Weak Emphasis, Moderate Emphasis & Strong Emphasis, Weak Emphasis is fastest and Strong Emphasis is the slowest. 

6. Dynamic Range Compression: When you select this feature, ScriptVocalizer will automatically determine best setting by adding variation of break, pitch, emphasis for the selected words or phrases in the speech.