1. On your Explaindio Membership area here or in this URL: https://account.explaindio.com under your Active Resources click the link which says "Click Here to Access Explaindio V4 Agency" to login to your Explaindio 2022 Agency Portal.

Or, directly go to URL https://library.explaindio.com to login to your Explaindio 2022 Agency Portal.

2. When you visit your Explaindio 2022 Agency Portal for the first time you'd see a black bar on the bottom of your login screen. Click the green button which says "I Accept" to accept cookie policy.

3. In Login enter your Explaindio Sign-up Email ID or your Explaindio Member Account Username. In Password, type in your Explaindio Member Account Password. (This is the same password which you use to login to your Explaindio Membership area here: https://account.explaindio.com).

4. Once Signed In, follow the instructions in the below Tutorial Video to add your Sub-Accounts under your Agency Account.

Click To Watch The Tutorial: How To Add Sub User Under Agency Account