I'm afraid Explaindio 3 Template Club and Explaindio 4 Club works differently. Explaindio 4 Club is could based and the contents area delivered inside your Explaindio 4 Software Libraries when you validate your Explaindio API

However, existing Explaindio 3 Template Club will continue deliver Club Templates inside Membership area till the 49th Month. After 49th Month, Explaindio 3 Template Club will not deliver download links anymore. Instead, the Club will be moved inside Explaindio 4 and would work like Explaindio 4 club.

So, in this case here is what we recommend:

1. If your Explaindio 3 Template Club is only few months old, you may cancel the Explaindio 3 Template Club Subscription and Subscribe for Explaindio 4 Club.

2. But, if you are close to 49th Month, simply wait till 49th Month and after that, you will automatically get your Club Templates inside Explaindio 4.