After you disconnect a cloud storage from your Speechdio Cloud storages, if you want to completely remove the App from that cloud storage you need to remove app access from that cloud storage account. This may be required in case you need to add the same cloud storage but with a different account.

You need to login to the respective cloud storage account first. 

Google Drive:

Click on your Profile Photo on top right, click on Google Account, go to Security, scroll down and remove Speechdio under Third-party apps with account access. To remove, click Speechdio under Third-party apps with account access.

Click on Speechdio once again.



Click on your Profile Photo on top left, Go to Settings, Go To Connected Apps, Scroll down and click Speechdio under View DropBox Content

Click Disconnect to disconnect Speechdio from your DropBox account.

Amazon S3 (Agency users only):

You may remove the granted access for your bucket from access control list. Please check AWS documentation for more details. 

Or, simply download the files and delete that bucket.