Additional contents and resources are automatically loaded in Explaindio software from the API.

When you purchase additional resources i.e. Explaindio Template Club, Explaindio PRO Creator Pack, etc. those additional contents would be automatically loaded into your Explaindio Software from the API. Please make sure you've validated your Explaindio Software with your Sign-up Email ID. 

In case you missed the validation prompt during the activation process, you can always go to Settings and update your Email and Password.

For Transitions, click on the ADD Animation/ Slide and Select the Scene Pack you want to use for Transitions. Transition Scene Packs would usually have the word "frames" at the end of the Scene Packs' names. For Example LightEffect3-34frames is a Transition Scene Pack.

For 3D Intros, Outros, and Deluxe Sting Animations, Click on the Add 3D Object then Add From Cloud.

Look for the 3D Image Templates. You will find the additional template sets.