This can happen when a project file gets corrupted due to a corrupt asset used in that project. Unfortunately, there is very less we can do if a project file gets corrupted. 

Also, we can't guarantee the functionality of any specific project file as they are managed by the user and we are unable to identify any issue with the user's local computer. However, there could be multiple issues behind any project file getting corrupted and one of the common issues could be related to the user's local computer settings. 

If you are using Windows System, please read this support article which contains useful solutions to prevent this from happening on your future projects: Unable to Save a Project | Endless Loop for Saving Project

We always recommend creating a backup when working with a long project so that the project can be quickly recovered if anything happens with the main project file: How To Create A Backup And Restore Project From Backup

If your project files are often getting corrupt, follow these steps:

1. Turn off Firewall and run the software 
(If you are able to run the software after turning off your firewall, it means your firewall is blocking it)
    a. Turn off Firewall every time before you run the software.
    b. Allow the software on your Firewall by adding a firewall rule (You can find the steps in Google)
    c. If you are under a managed network, contact your System Administrator or IT Team.

2. Turn off Anti-virus then run the software

(If you are able to run the software after turning off Anti-virus, it means your Anti-virus is blocking it)

    a. Turn off Firewall every time before you run the software.
    b. Add the software [including the program folder if necessary] Safe-list on your Anti-virus (You can find the steps in Google)
    c. If you are using managed security software, contact your System Administrator or IT Team.

3. Confirm Internet Connectivity.

(Restart Restart Router/Modem/AP/Device Network Adapter and then run the software. If it worked, that means your Internet connection is not good)

    a. Restart the Router/Modem/AP/Device Network Adapter every time before running the software.

    b. Contact your ISP to improve connectivity

    c. In case of a faulty device identify the faulty device and replace it.

    d. Contact a technician to fix your network problem.


4. Re-install Program and Run As Administrator

(Deactivate License, then uninstall the software then re-install. If it works this time then your User account has an issue)

    a. Every time right click on the shortcut and Run As Administrator to run the software.

    b. Check your User type. Make sure it's an Local Administrator, not a Guest or Standard User.

    c. Uninstall from the current user, create a new Administrator Account then install under that Administrator account.

5. Clean Install

Deactivate the License, uninstall the program, delete the installer from your local computer, reboot, download the installer again from your Explaindio Membership Account then do a completely new installation. You shouldn't have any further issues after a clean install.

But if even a fresh install didn't resolve the issue, then I'm afraid it's an issue from the user himself/herself. You are doing something wrong within your project creation steps which are leading to the corruption of the assets. Please try to keep it clean and keep the assets reserved for the project use only. For best practice; CREATE A SEPARATE FOLDER FOR THE PROJECT USE ONLY. Copy and paste all the images, videos, and audio you will use in the project. Sometimes some audio/video files are not encoded properly. This may cause the project to get corrupted. To prevent this, you can also convert your audio and video files using any available converter. Or, simply convert them using any online converter under default settings. When all of your assets are ready, rename them and remove all special characters from those asset names. Start creating the project and keep creating a backup of each scene every time you finish a scene. DO NOT EDIT, MOVE, DELETE OR MODIFY ANYTHING IN THAT ASSET FOLDER UNTIL YOU SUCCESSFULLY RENDERED YOUR FINISHED VIDEO.